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Welcome to, my little playground where I publish nearly weekly. (At least, I hope so at the time of writing this. Send me angry tweets if I haven't posted in a while.)

I am Kevin Wammer. More about me and this website here. But to summarize the what of this blog in one sentence:

„Essays on being human with a pinch of philosophy and a dab of science.“

I also publish a weekly newsletter called The Letters of Clio. You can subscribe with that link.

While the blog posts are more serious,  the newsletter is a bit sillier, more personal, and less sculpted.

If the blog is the equivalent of a carefully crafted and rehearsed stand-up show, the newsletter is the small, private club where I try things out. So join now.

I have a newsletter called the Letters of Clio. It’s weekly, published on Thursdays, sent to your inbox with love, sweat, sometimes blood, and a lot of self-irony. (Click the banner below to sign up.) | |From the desk of Kevin Wammer comes, a blog full of

There used to be a podcast called the Musings of Clio, but it's currently on hold.

You can follow along via RSS. And if you want to follow me on Twitter, I am @cliophate.

To make things easier for you, below, I group the better blog posts I have written so far and some ongoing series.

Ongoing Series


Healthy mind

Be a better writer

Essays on the mundane