I have a newsletter called the Letters of Clio.

The Letters of Clio is a behind-the-scenes look into the life of Clio. (That's me.)

While the blog posts are more serious, the newsletter is a bit sillier, more personal, and less sculpted. If the blog is the equivalent of a carefully crafted and rehearsed stand-up show, the newsletter is the small, private club where I try things out.

The topics remain similar, however. In one sentence:

„Essays on being human with a pinch of philosophy and a dab of science.“

It's weekly, published on Thursdays, sent to your inbox with love, sweat, sometimes blood, and a lot of self-irony. (Click the banner below to sign up.)

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From the desk of Kevin Wammer comes, a blog full of stories about life, geek culture, philosophy, lifestyle, and a whole bunch of self-promotion.

Of course, it wouldn't make sense for you to sign up without knowing what you can expect, right? So here is a (manually updated) archive of past issues.

Past issues

The Letters of Clio #8 — Storytellers, ponds, and inventors of names
おはようございます! (I am learning Japanese again.) Hope you have had a great week so far. This is a Letter of Clio (me = clio). Before we start with our usual program, my manager* has asked me to talk about a few changes on the newsletter side of the clioverse. (*I don’t
The Letters of Clio #9 — A universe of monochromatic tones
In the end, I did come back to it. A Swim in a Pond in the Rain has done something to me that I can‘t fully comprehend yet. But it made me fall in love with the written word even more than I already was. I once discussed with
The Letters of Clio #10 — More flounder than manta
Welcome to a new Letters of Clio, this time delivered to you in a digital bottle. Last week was ✨ special ✨. I had the chance to experience some “first times” in quite a long while. (This is an interesting concept to me: You’ll experience fewer firsts and more lasts the older

Hope to send something to you soon.