About Me

I am Kevin Wammer. Also known as @cliophate (klaiofate/kleeofate) or clio on the internet.

I do Data-Analysis and Project Development for a newspaper in Luxembourg. Yep, that‘s a real country. No, our streets are not made out of gold. Yes, I have been asked that before.

This blog is the place where I write on all the things I care about. And I do care about a lot, be it books, video games, bags, photography, coffee, cooking, anime, life, philosophy, yadda yadda yadda.

Hi, it's me! I cut my hair, though.

I tend to overthink stuff and do way too much research. When I recommend something on here, it will be either a) the best thing I could find; or b) the second best thing I could find and afford.

I also tend to rant a lot. And speak a lot. Probably the Italian genes. (I’m half Luxembourgish, half Italian.) And yes, I do talk with my hands all the time.

I am awful at email, but you can try. Or follow me on Twitter.

And if you are new here, I created a page for you to find your way around.